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Clubs this term:January to March (2019)



Year group






Years 1-3


Mr Cornick


(until 7th March – last race)


Years 4-6


Mrs Leggett


(until half term only)

PE team activities

Years Reception and year 1


Mr Heapy

(Health Activator)



Years 4-6


Mrs Herold and Mrs Edwards


Please note that we expect children to attend chosen clubs every week, unless for exceptional circumstances. If the latter is the case - please inform Mrs Hatch by email or in person. This is for the safety of the children.


La Jolie Ronde French Lessons

Aurore Chatron-Michaud, native French, qualified and CRB checked licensee for La Jolie Ronde offers weekly classes for all ages between 4 to 11 years old at Twyning School in lunchtime activities.
Our award winning programme contains lots of stories, action chants, songs and games so that the children learn the language just like young French children do and in the same way as they learnt their mother tongue.
Children progress through the 4 programmes and over a 6 year period. There are 3 different starting points so children can start learning French whatever their age following a programme tailored to their age group. The topics are based on real life situations suited to the interest, experience and social development of each age group

The classes provide:
An opportunity to develop an enthusiasm for languages
Small classes and short sessions for your child to learn with children of his/her own age
Fun activity books covering a wide range of useful vocabulary with emphasis on oral communication
Interactive learning CDs of games, stories & songs which complement the course & for use at home
Conversation, basic grammar, games, role-plays, rhymes & stories, making learning more fun
Guidance for parents to encourage and help your child at home
A French native tutor so your child can start learning from day one by imitating a good accent
An experience that will help your child at Secondary school, giving good grounding for future learning

French Lessons