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Music curriculum: Silver Thread - 'Genre and Style'

 At Twyning we believe all children are musicians who can develop a love of all aspects of music. We want pupils to show musicality, enjoyment and confidence when expressing themselves through music.

How have we chosen what to teach?

 We base our sequence of teaching on the progression of learning which is set out in the National Curriculum. We do this using the Charanga Model Music curriculum.

"The fundamental activities in music learning encompass listening and understanding, singing, improvising, composing and playing instruments."

Along side our Charanga learning all children in year 1, 2 and 3 have outside, whole class music tuition through the Gloucestershire Music Hub. These lessons give the children a chance to experience playing Samba band, recorders and violins. This means that all children will have the chance to play different instruments during their time at Twyning and we hope this will inspire the children to want more musical tuition as they get older. 

We also have a range of instruments in school for class use, both freely and through set teaching structures (xylophone/chime bar lessons and whole class instrumental lessons)

The children's musical skills, talents and passions are nurtured and showcased through whole Key Stage productions as well as seasonal showcases, festivals and celebrations. 

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