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Our Silver Thread - 'Prioritising Wellbeing'

What is the experience of learning PSHE at Twyning?

At Twyning School, we provide our children with a wealth of opportunities to develop personally and socially. Children acquire knowledge, skills and attributes to tackle many of the spiritual, moral, mental, cultural and physical issues involved in growing up. 

PSHE is taught both formally and discreetly and is part of everyday life at Twyning School. All staff are involved in supporting each child to develop their sense of self worth by playing a positive role in contributing to School life and the wider community. 

What are the core concepts we want the children to know?

Through our PSHE curriculum and School ethos, our children learn to become confident, responsible and respectful members of society. We aim to improve children’s emotional wellbeing, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to ensure they are healthy and safe. 

What does it mean to get better at PSHE?

We expect our children to progress in PSHE firstly through their knowledge of the curriculum content, including Relationships Education and Health Education. 

Children should also develop their skills in these areas. They will progress from identifying and recognising, to describing, to understanding and explaining. This includes feelings, needs, similarities, differences, strategies and actions. 

We also expect to see evidence of children demonstrating what they have learnt. This should be in all areas of School life including in the classroom, within the wider School life, in the playground and during extra-curricular activities. This should also be towards other children and all adults within our School community. 

How have we chosen what to teach?

We follow the SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) scheme of learning. The SCARF Programme is unique, progressive and effective and ensures coverage of Relationships Education and Healthy Education. It is made up of six units taught across the year:

Me and my Relationships, Valuing Differences, Keeping Myself Safe, Rights and Responsibilities, Being My Best, Growing and Changing. 

The SCARF Programme makes learning PSHE real, relevant and meaningful. It creates rich learning opportunities that enable connections between subjects, while promoting wider skills and values. 

Teachers also ensure that if an incident arises, discreet lessons covering this will be taught to support children with the issue.


Please see our three year rolling curriculum below. We have adopted a spiral approach, with the same themes taught and built upon to all year groups. 

PSHE planning EYFS.docx.jpgPSHELTP1.jpgPSHELTP2.jpgPSHELTP3.jpgPSHELTP4.jpgPSHELTP5.jpg

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